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Chainlink (LINK) Update Wave key levels to Watch are $12.30 Technical Analysis

Chainlink Update

Chainlink Market Movements – In-Depth Technical Review and Price Forecast

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Typically, weekends have been subdued in 2023 for crypto trading, but recent patterns suggest a shift. As reminiscent of years past when cryptocurrencies displayed significant movements, weekends are becoming increasingly interesting again, especially for Chainlink (LINK) price dynamics.

During these weekend shifts, LINK responded affirmatively to an anticipated support zone, which could signify an extended fifth wave in its price movement sequence. This aligns with a bullish scenario projected by crypto enthusiasts who were expecting a pivotal move to solidify the current trend.

Unpacking the Wave: A Technical Perspective

Chainlink’s recent price action suggests it’s crafting a potential five-wave move on the upside. Currently, it seems we are in the midst of the third wave. Following the technical script closely, the primary focus has been on Elliot Wave counts, with no deviations from the overarching bullish narrative.

Analysis suggests that LINK established a significant low on June 11th, followed by the completion of the first and second waves. Currently, it seems we are forming the third wave. This wave usually has an ABC structure within a broader C-wave, composed of five smaller waves. A closer look at the orange support box hints that the fourth wave may have finished, paving the way for the fifth wave’s emergence.

Target Levels and Support Zones

As LINK makes its way through the fifth wave, key levels to watch are $12.30, $13.66, and $15.00. These levels act as indicators of where the third wave might climax before a possible deeper pullback in wave four, which is customary after such advancements. Currently, the support is firm at $7.76, though ideally, it should not retract below $8.50.

It’s important to emphasize that these support zones are not targets but areas of potential reversal or consolidation. Until a clear ABC correction is identifiable, providing a precise target for wave four is challenging.

With only three identifiable waves up so far, there’s a strong case for LINK to climb higher. However, despite the bullish indicators, the overall structure of the ascent is still considered fragile. It’s based on a diagonal formation, with the downside structure incomplete, indicating that a further dip could still be on the horizon. Therefore, although the uptrend has gained momentum and the focus is on higher prices, one should proceed with caution.

Chainlink Financial Path – Current Price Analysis and Predicted Trajectory


Market Review

Risk Management: A Key Component

In light of the fragile state of the current uptrend, maintaining strict risk management protocols is crucial. LINK’s climb is still beginning, marked by a shaky downtrend in the mid-year months.

Chainlink’s movements aren’t merely about the numbers on the charts. The evolving dynamics of the crypto market shape LINK’s path. Investor sentiment, market psychology, and strong community engagement are crucial for any digital asset’s success. It’s essential to recognize that these factors significantly influence LINK’s trajectory, often in ways that go beyond traditional market predictions.

It is also worth noting the significance of community in the crypto space. Chainlink’s association with its robust community could very well be a contributing factor to its potential upsurge. The sentiment in the community often precedes market movements, acting as a bellwether for what’s to come.

LINK seems to be gearing up for an uptrend; therefore, emphasizing the importance of due diligence is crucial. Observing key support and resistance levels, while managing risks smartly, is wise for navigating Chainlink’s potential exciting phase.


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