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Chainlink Price Analysis: Is a Larger Uptrend in the Making?

Chainlink Price Analysis

Exploring Chainlink’s (Link) Recent Price Movements

In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into the current state of Chainlink (Link) and explore its potential for a larger uptrend. Chainlink has recently shown signs of breaking out, signaling a potential shift in the cryptocurrency market. We’ll discuss key price levels, wave structures, and what traders and investors should keep an eye on.

Chart Analysis

Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis Chainlink Price Analysis

Early Stages of an Uptrend

Chainlink (Link) has entered the early stages of a potential larger uptrend. It’s following the uptrend parameters previously defined in our videos. Recently, there was a reaction to a critical trend reversal area highlighted in orange on the chart, indicating a potential unfolding impulse to the upside in wave C of this circle wave three.

Key Breakout and Resistance Levels

The cryptocurrency made an important breakout above $9.50, which was a significant resistance level and marked a breakout point in our analysis. The breakout demonstrated the potential for an extended uptrend. However, it’s important to note that the overall structure could still be a reset of a wave four due to the unclear bottoming structure.

Continued Uptrend

Currently, the focus is on the uptrend, and even if it turns out to be a larger corrective uptrend that could lead to a lower low in the future, it’s worth monitoring the upward movement. While we cannot predict if Chainlink will reach all-time highs, we are tracking bullish support levels and resistances to indicate when the uptrend could potentially end.

Crucial Price Levels

The critical levels to watch include:

$950: The breakout point.

$182: A significant level after the breakout, which has been respected by the price.

$12.66: A potential target based on Fibonacci extensions.

The $182 level is a pivot point and can s

low down price behavior. Breaking above this level would indicate reduced risks. However, the uptrend focus remains on the short term, where Chainlink is likely forming five waves to complete a larger bullish pattern.

Wave Structure


Chainlink Price Analysis


As of the analysis, the wave structure is as follows:

Wave 1: Completed.

Wave 2: Completed near the long-term support.

Wave A, B: Completed.

Wave C: Currently unfolding.

The fifth wave is still in the making and could complete the C-wave. While the fifth wave may end at any point, there is currently no indication of a significant pullback.

Potential Targets

When considering Fibonacci extensions, there is a possibility that the price may reach the 1.618 extension level at $12.66. If Chainlink breaks above $188 and $12.66, potential targets to watch are $14.50 and $18. The latter is another Fibonacci extension level and presents another important level to monitor.

Link’s Breakout

Chainlink was one of the first cryptocurrencies to break out of its current structures. This breakout marked a significant shift, as Chainlink had shown limited bullishness since entering the bear market range.

In conclusion, Chainlink is displaying early signs of a potential larger uptrend. While it’s crucial to remain vigilant about possible corrections, the focus is on the current uptrend. Traders and investors should monitor key resistance levels and remain attentive to the evolving wave structure. The breakout from previous ranges has raised optimism in the Chainlink market.

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