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Elliott Wave Review of RUNE THORChain – Today’s Crypto Price Analysis


RUNE THORChain Price Examination – Current Elliott Wave Crypto Analysis Update

Current Elliott Wave Crypto


Welcome to our latest analysis of Rune, a cryptocurrency that has recently been making waves in the market. We’ll dive into the trends, strategies, and predictions discussed in the latest update article.

Rune’s Market Trend: A Steady Rise

Rune’s current market performance is characterized by a robust and consistent upward trend. The focus is on the ‘yellow wave count,’ which suggests a promising trajectory for the currency. Experts predict that Rune could reach at least $821 in its third wave, and potentially even higher.

Insight into the Third Wave

While there is limited visibility into the micro count within the third wave, the general trend is clear and impressive. The third wave is playing out in line with expectations, demonstrating Rune’s strong market position.

Successful Trading Strategy: Moving Average Crosses

The recent update highlighted the effectiveness of trading moving average crosses, a strategy previously discussed. This approach has proven successful, with the price of Rune moving up by approximately 25% since its last mention.

The Importance of Trading Strong Trends

Rune’s market behavior indicates that waiting for a pullback may not be the most effective approach. The strategy focuses on capitalizing on strong upward trends, as seen with Rune breaking above the $330 or $340 mark, propelling its price significantly higher.

The Third Wave: Aggressively Bullish

The third wave of Rune’s market trend is notably aggressive, suggesting a bullish outlook. In this phase, trading with moving average crosses is recommended, especially if no deep pullback is expected.

Potential for an ABC Structure

While an ABC structure is a possibility for Rune, it is not the primary scenario being watched. This perspective might change if Rune breaks below the updated support level of $2.97.

THORChain Trading Analysis – Elliott Wave Perspectives on Today’s Market

Trading Analysis

Microstructure and Support Levels

Deciphering Rune’s microstructure is complex. The current focus is on tracking micro supports rather than predicting detailed micro movements. The updated support level at $2.97 is crucial; breaking below this level could signal a bearish trend.

Future Predictions and Price Targets

The analysis presents a bullish outlook for Rune, with the third wave expected to reach a minimum of around $821, potentially extending up to $1231. While these predictions are not guaranteed, they highlight the optimistic sentiment surrounding Rune’s market performance.

Rune is exhibiting a strong upward trend with significant potential for growth. The strategy of trading moving average crosses has been effective in capitalizing on this trend. As always in the cryptocurrency market, nothing is guaranteed, but the current analysis suggests a positive trajectory for Rune.


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