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Kaspa Will Make Billionaires: Elliott Wave Structure and KAS reached a new Fibonacci level at 14.6 cents

Kaspa Will Make Billionaires

Kaspa KAS Price Surge: Latest Technical Analysis and Elliott Wave Predictions

Analysis and Elliott Wave

In the latest update on Kaspa, the focus is on its technical analysis, particularly regarding its Fibonacci levels and Elliott Wave counts. The cryptocurrency has reached a new Fibonacci level at 14.6 cents, opening pathways to higher targets such as 16.4 cents, 25 cents, and potentially 36 cents. The analysis presents two primary scenarios, both bullish in nature, reflecting the ongoing trends in Kaspa’s market movements.

Understanding the Two Scenarios

The Yellow Count (Leading Diagonal): This scenario suggests that Kaspa is currently in an unfolding leading diagonal pattern, specifically in its fifth wave. This wave, characterized as an extension, has potential targets exceeding 25.5 cents. Diagonal structures, especially in cryptocurrencies like Kaspa, indicate a continuation pattern until the wave exhausts itself. The complexity of this pattern lies in its lack of a definitive target, which means tracking its progression requires continuous observation.

The White Count (Larger ABC Structure): This count is based on a larger ABC (Elliott Wave) structure, with the C wave having a minimum target of 36 cents. This scenario is slightly more bullish than the yellow count. As long as the micro support levels hold, there’s room for further upward movement.

KAS Price Movements: Comprehensive Technical and Elliott Wave Analysis

KAS Price Movements

Breaking Down the Wave Patterns

Wave 1 & 2: The initial stages of the pattern where Wave 2 presented a potential entry point.

Wave 3 (Impulse): Currently, the third wave is in progress and is identified as an impulse, meaning it’s a strong move in the direction of the main trend. It has already reached a significant extension level (2.382) and is considered overextended.

Wave 4 & 5: A fourth wave pullback is anticipated, which should maintain above the 7.8 cent support level. Following this, a fifth wave could propel the price to the higher targets of 16.4 or 25.5 cents.

Key Support Levels and Future Expectations

The analysis emphasizes the importance of the 7.8 cent support level. As long as this level holds, there’s an expectation of further upward movement in both scenarios. After the completion of the fifth wave, a more substantial pullback is likely, signaling a shift from the uptrend to a potential downtrend.

Predicting Kaspa Path: Elliott Wave Analysis and Future Price Scenarios

Predicting Kaspa's Path

Yearly Gains and Market Resilience

KAS impressive yearly gains, surpassing 2400%, highlight its strong market performance. Despite concerns about a potential “buy the rumor, sell the news” scenario post-Binance listing, Kaspa demonstrated resilience with a swift recovery and continued growth. This resilience is crucial as Kaspa has not yet faced a full-fledged bear market since its launch in November 2021.

The FOMO Factor

The listing triggered a wave of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) among both retail investors and institutions. Retail investors, recognizing Kaspa as a relatively safe investment in the volatile crypto market, rapidly expanded their holdings. Institutional investors, on the other hand, are seen as key players driving Kaspa price, with their strategies influencing its market trajectory significantly.

Technical Advantages

From a technical standpoint, Kaspa proof of work layer one blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology for optimizing block finality set it apart. These features not only ensure speed and efficiency but also attract Bitcoin investors looking for similar foundational technologies.

Community-Driven Initiatives

A standout feature of Kaspa is its robust and decentralized community. The community’s commitment was evident in a crowdfunding initiative that raised $30,000 for liquidity pools and co-marketing with a tier one exchange. This level of community involvement is rare for a project of Kaspa’s market cap, indicating a deep connection and loyalty among its members.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, major exchange listings and a return to a bull market could significantly boost Kaspa’s adoption and value. Kaspa positions itself as a potential safe haven asset, comparable to established names like Polygon and Chainlink. Given its performance in the bear market and untapped potential in a full bull run, the future looks promising for Kaspa.

Kaspa’s current technical analysis presents a promising outlook with potential for significant gains.  Kaspa exhibits signs of a project with immense upside and strong community backing. Its performance in the bear market, combined with its technical strengths and community-driven initiatives, positions it as a crypto asset with significant potential in the next bull run.


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