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Latest NEAR Protocol Price News: In-Depth Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Real-Time Price Update

Latest NEAR Protocol Price News: In-Depth Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Real-Time Price Update

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their dynamic nature, and investors continually seek insights to make informed decisions. In this extensive analysis, we delve into the recent update on Near Protocol’s chart, exploring the intricacies of the corrective pullback, key support and resistance levels, and the overall outlook for Near Protocol (NEAR).

NEAR In-Depth Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

Near Protocol (NEAR) stands out as a sharded, proof-of-stake blockchain capable of processing up to 100,000 transactions per second. Renowned for its developer-friendly nature and user-friendly interface, this layer-1 public blockchain offers both security and scalability.

Understanding the Corrective Pullback:

The analysis kicks off by addressing the ongoing corrective pullback in the Near Protocol chart. The speaker emphasizes the significance of Fibonacci support, noting the resilience of the previously communicated support area and an ascending trend line. Highlighting that significant swing lows remain untouched, the analysis leans towards interpreting the current pullback as corrective.

Key Levels and Fibonacci Retracement:

One of the focal points of the analysis is the previous top formed in February of the preceding year, reaching around $285. This level’s alignment with the 50% retracement level of the third wave rally adds considerable weight to its role as a support level. The speaker draws attention to the historical importance of this level, acting as support in October 2022 and June 2022. To visually emphasize its relevance, we mark the $285 level on the chart, signifying both a Fibonacci level and a structural support level.

Main Support Level and Potential Warning Signs:

The analysis pinpoints the main support level at $251, underlining its critical role. A sustained break below this level, especially, would serve as a signal for a more substantial top formation. Investors are advised to closely monitor this support level, recognizing its pivotal role in gauging potential shifts in the trend. The analysis also introduces the idea of distinguishing between corrective pullbacks and larger wave formations, specifically Wave 1 or Wave A.

Fibonacci Resistance Levels and Upside Potential:

Despite the ongoing corrective pullback, the analysis maintains a positive outlook by focusing on potential upside scenarios. If the current support levels hold, we identify the key targets as the Fibonacci resistance levels at $58 and $79.Β  Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the chart and the challenges posed by the microstructure’s unreliability, the analysis encourages investors to remain vigilant.

Near Protocol Real-Time Price Update

Daily Chart Complexities:

A significant challenge outlined in the analysis lies in the complexities of the daily chart. The ABC structure initially to the upside introduces nuances that require careful consideration. However, as long as the support levels remain intact, the analysis indicates the possibility of tracking an active uptrend. We highlight a potential warning: a break below the yellow support level at $251-$252 would necessitate introducing alternative support areas, potentially forming a head and shoulders pattern around $25.

The analysis provides a comprehensive overview of Near Protocol’s current market dynamics. The content creator emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant, particularly with regard to key support and resistance levels. We outline the potential for both bullish and bearish scenarios, emphasizing the necessity for continuous monitoring in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

Established in 2017 and officially launched in April 2020, Near Protocol has swiftly risen to secure a position among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. With high expectations for continued growth, Near Protocol anticipates further upward momentum in the market.

By offering a detailed analysis, the content creator aims to empower investors with the knowledge needed to navigate Near Protocol’s market trends effectively. In a market characterized by rapid changes, this comprehensive analysis serves as a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Near Protocol’s current position and potential future movements.


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