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LOOM Network’s Technical Analysis Price Projections and Thrilling 2023 News

LOOM Network's Technical Analysis

It’s fantastic to have you here for another exciting update. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Loom, providing you with a comprehensive technical analysis. We’ll explore its potential, price targets, and the thrilling path it’s treading.

Before we embark on this journey, it’s crucial to understand that Loom’s current state is shrouded in manipulation. The signs are unmistakable. There’s a surge in trading volume, reaching approximately $650 million. This excessive volume, primarily driven by Upbit and Bithumb, is often an indicator of market manipulation. However, as seasoned crypto enthusiasts know, manipulation can lead to both soaring rallies and sudden crashes, adding an element of unpredictability to our adventure.

Loom’s Recent Feats

In the past few days, Loom has captured our attention by breaking the 20-cent barrier. But what’s next? Can it continue its ascent and hit the coveted 40-cent mark? We’re here to provide you with all the information you need.

To navigate Loom’s path, we must address a key resistance level between 25 and 26 cents. The reaction at this level will shape the journey. Will it march towards 30 cents, or will it retreat? As of now, there’s no bearish confirmation.

Funding Rates and Open Interest

To gauge Loom’s bullish sentiment, we examine funding rates, which are currently not alarmingly high. This is an encouraging sign, suggesting that the bulls might still have some steam left. When we look at open interest and trading volume, they remain at elevated levels, although there are hints of a potential reversal. It’s too early to make concrete predictions.

The Loom Target: 32 Cents

Our path forward leads us to a significant milestone – 32 cents. This is a critical level where Loom could face its next challenge. Depending on its reaction at this point, the journey might diverge.

The 32-cent zone is the gateway to further milestones. If it surmounts this barrier, the next stops are at 35 cents and, ultimately, 40 cents. The potential for these achievements exists, but it all hinges on how Loom navigates this crucial territory.

Beware of the 22.5 Cents Threshold

Conversely, the tipping point that may signal an end to Loom’s bullish run is if it drops below 22.5 cents. This level has strong technical significance. Should it crumble, a significant retracement could follow.

This journey through the world of Loom is both thrilling and perilous. At the intersection of manipulation and market dynamics, it’s hard to predict Loom’s next move with absolute certainty. The upcoming milestones, like 32 cents, 35 cents, and 40 cents, are tantalizingly close, but the path to reach them remains uncertain.


What’s the significance of 32 cents in Loom’s journey?

The 32-cent level in Loom’s journey is a pivotal point that may determine its trajectory. It’s a challenging resistance level, and a successful breach could open the doors to 35 cents and 40 cents.

Why is Loom susceptible to manipulation?

Loom’s susceptibility to manipulation is evident through the sudden surges in trading volume and the absence of fundamental news. Market manipulation can lead to dramatic price swings.

What happens if Loom drops below 22.5 cents?

If Loom’s price falls below 22.5 cents, it could indicate the end of its bullish trend, potentially leading to a significant retracement.

Is Loom’s bullish sentiment sustainable?

Loom’s bullish sentiment remains intact for now, as indicated by favorable funding rates and open interest. However, the crypto market is highly unpredictable, so vigilance is crucial.


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