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The LINK Token Explained: What Is Chainlink and How Does It Work?

The LINK Token Explained


An In-Depth Look at Chainlink and

Its Role in Crypto


What Is Chainlink and How Does It Work


Chainlink (LINK), it’s essential to understand the foundation it’s built upon – smart contracts. In simple terms, smart contracts are coded agreements executed on a blockchain. The magic lies in the immutability of the blockchain; once something’s written on it, it’s practically set in stone. When you and someone else enter a financial agreement via a smart contract, you no longer rely on trust alone. The agreement is open to millions of computers worldwide, making altering it a mammoth task.

The Evolution of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can range from the straightforward – “If I pay you $10 today, you pay me $1 every day for the next 10 days,” to the complex, where they involve trading different cryptocurrencies based on strict conditions. The code governing these contracts ensures that they execute as agreed, safeguarding both parties’ interests.

Limitations of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have limitations, primarily because they can only access and manipulate data within the blockchain. They’re confined to your transaction history, current account balance, or perhaps what your friend has done on the blockchain. This constraint restricts the range of applications that smart contracts can handle.

The Oracle Problem: Bridging the Gap

To empower smart contracts to interact with the real world, we need oracles. Oracles serve as intermediaries, facilitating two-way data transfers between smart contracts and external real-world data. The main challenge lies in ensuring that this external data is reliable and truthful – a problem Chainlink aims to solve.

Meet Chainlink: A Decentralized Oracle Network

Chainlink, established in June 2017 by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, represents a decentralized network of oracles. It’s a bridge connecting smart contracts to the external world. These oracles provide a secure channel for smart contracts to access high-quality off-chain data, bringing real-world information into the blockchain space.

The Promise of Chainlink: Ensuring Reliability

Chainlink addresses the reliability issue inherent in centralized data sources. In traditional systems, a single human often feeds data to the network, introducing the potential for errors, manipulation, or fraud. Chainlink’s decentralized oracles resolve this vulnerability by pooling data from multiple sources, eliminating single points of failure and reliance on human intermediaries.

The Chainlink Token: LINK

In Chainlink’s ecosystem, the native cryptocurrency is LINK. This token has been instrumental in funding the project’s development and expansion. During the initial coin offering (ICO) in September 2017, the team stipulated a maximum supply of one billion LINK tokens. Remarkably, LINK’s price surged from $0.11 at launch to over $20.30, marking an astounding 20,000% increase.

Tokenomics and Distribution

The LINK token supply is carefully managed. At present, there are over 464 million LINK tokens in circulation, constituting approximately 46% of the total supply. Chainlink’s white paper outlines a distribution plan, with 35% allocated to those who operate and secure the network. Another 30% is designated for the development of the Chainlink blockchain and its ecosystem, while the remaining 35% was made available through public sales.

The Role of LINK Tokens

LINK tokens have two primary functions within the Chainlink network. First, they serve as a means to compensate the network and its oracles for providing data to smart contracts. Second, they act as collateral deposited by node operators, ensuring their good behavior and honesty in handling critical data tasks.

Chainlink’s Promise and Potential

Chainlink represents a revolutionary solution, offering smart contracts access to real-world data with unparalleled reliability. Its journey from addressing the oracle problem to becoming a pivotal element in the blockchain ecosystem showcases its potential impact on countless industries. By leveraging LINK tokens and a robust network of oracles, Chainlink is poised to bridge the divide between blockchain and the external world, fostering trust and transparency in an increasingly decentralized landscape.

Where to Purchase Chainlink (LINK): Your Options

Chainlink and its corresponding LINK token have solidified their positions as major players in the cryptocurrency market. With their growing popularity, an increasing number of exchanges are now facilitating LINK trades. Among the top platforms for acquiring Chainlink, Binance stands out as a prominent choice.

Other notable exchanges offering LINK trading include:


Huobi Global: A well-established exchange that provides a secure environment for LINK trading.

Coinbase Pro: Known for its user-friendly interface, Coinbase Pro offers LINK trading with a focus on ease of use. This exchange offers access to LINK and a variety of other cryptocurrencies, catering to traders with diverse preferences.

Kraken: A reputable exchange in the cryptocurrency world, Kraken provides a trusted platform for LINK trading.

It’s essential to acknowledge that cryptocurrency investment, like any other financial endeavor, comes with inherent risks. As a responsible investor, you should conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before participating in the market.

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