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What Lies Ahead? Solana Price Analysis Post-Conference

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Solana Wave 4 Target and the Challenges of B-Waves

Wave 4 Target

Solana (SOL) a cryptocurrency that has been making waves, recently concluded its conference. In this update, we’ll dive into the repercussions of the conference on SOL price.

Post-Conference Correction

Conferences and events can be double-edged swords for cryptocurrency prices. While they often boost sentiment, they can also lead to profit-taking, which is precisely what we observed in the wake of Solana’s recent conference.

Solana experienced a correction, which, though not considered major in the cryptocurrency realm, did result in a notable drop. The price dipped from approximately $47 to $38-39 in a matter of days. Fortunately, it found support at the $38.30 level.

Exploring Solana Two Scenarios: Bearish ABC vs. Bullish Wave Count
Solana's Two Scenarios

Two Scenarios: A Deeper Dive

Scenario A: Bearish ABC Structure – In this scenario, Solana could be in the midst of an ABC correction within a larger B-wave. If this plays out, it might lead to a selloff, possibly even to new lows. However, it’s crucial to note that this is just one scenario, and not the most probable one.

Scenario B: Bullish Wave Count – The more optimistic scenario involves a bullish wave count. Solana could continue its ascent, targeting levels between $55 and $79. This scenario is characterized by a one-two setup, with wave two bottoming in June. The current wave is assumed to be the third wave, which, while currently challenging to pinpoint, is expected to lead to substantial gains.

Short-Term Support and Resistance

Short-term support for Solana stands at $38.30, which the market responded to effectively during the correction. Below this level, attention should shift to $37, $32, and $28. A sustained break below $28 could signify a different market dynamic and warrant further analysis of the structure.

Possible Scenarios and a More Extended Wave 4

Zooming in, we can assess the potential scenarios in a more detailed manner, particularly if Solana fails to see immediate continuation from current levels. A potential leading diagonal in wave A might be followed by a corrective wave B. The challenge with B-waves is that they don’t have clear targets and can vary in length. Trading them can be tricky, so it’s essential to tread cautiously.

The subsequent move down would likely constitute a wave C, and a more precise target for wave 4 could be calculated at that stage. However, for now, the focus is on maintaining standard support levels.

SOL Post-Conference Trajectory: Price Analysis and Predictions



Clarity Awaited

Solana is currently at a pivotal juncture, and the next few days will provide greater clarity. If a b-wave takes shape, it could unfold slowly and might be challenging to navigate. B-waves, within corrections, are often the most vexing due to their inherently corrective nature.

So, as we navigate the post-conference market landscape, patience and diligence are paramount. The support levels already outlined offer a guide, but the intricate dynamics of a B-wave will likely introduce a degree of unpredictability.


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